Best Practices

  • All caps: Limit or eliminate the use of italics or ALL CAPS to improve readability.
  • Acronyms: Expand unknown acronyms/abbreviations at their first instance.
  • Leetspeek: Be careful with words that use numbers as letters, such as a11y, which most visual readers will read as ‘ally’ but a screen reader will read as 'a + 1 + 1 + y’.
  • Page titles: Page titles should be short and descriptive, and should usually match or be similar to the <h1>.
  • Organization: Organize content into well-defined groups or chunks, using meaningful headings, bulleted lists, and other visual-semantic organizing schemes. This makes the document’s structure as obvious as possible.
  • Key points first: Start the page and each paragraph with the most important points. Don’t bury key information in the middle or bottom.
  • Keep it simple: Use clear, straightforward language and short sentences.